Raising funds for the Masterton War Memorial pool.

20,000 Club which Basil formed to raise money for modern pool complex in Masterton, just another example of his insight and drive.

The main public pool in Masterton was the Dixon St Pool which was a disgrace on today's standards with no filtration. Basil was a Wairarapa Champion swimmer and felt it was time to lobby the then Masterton Borough Council to build a new pool complex. The Council was not interested until Basil convinced them he could raise money for it. Basil formed the 20,000 club and persuaded the Council to raise the water level of the Queen Elizabeth Park lake so speed boats and passenger boats could use the lake, give rides and raise the necessary money.

Basil had very distinctive writing with a thick nib fountain pen which certainly authenticates his history.

Basil was an experienced speed boat owner photo above.

It is thought the photo above shows the many supporter of the 20,000 Club.

Photo above Basil with Bob Baker also a successful businessman in Masterton .