Reliance Tyre & Rubber Company

Note: Basil's writing was very distinctive and be clearly seen throughout the documents which he collected, guaranteeing the authenticity of the history provided.

Note in the photo above the ancient practice of moulding a tyre in a third circle mould, thus a tyre had to be cured three times in three sections.

Ask most people if they would buy retreads today in 2018, most would not. Did you know most jet airline tyres are retreaded?

Above: Basil's right hand man at Reliance Masterton Alistair McDonald and his wife Jean.

As time went on many people like Basil were ostracized for not going to war and received white feathers in the mail signifying that they were cowards. Basil's company retreading tyres was extremely important to the Government because new tyres were unavailable or were very hard to source. Basil's business was severely scrutinize as to the profit margins and rubber used.

Note: Reliance was purchased by Dunlop then later to Beaurepairs

Photo above: Basil being greeted by CEO Firestone international in USA