Older photos

Taped interviews with Basil reveal that those committee members from the 1970's on who would say to Basil or Gary, "If it wasn't for us on the committee you would not be selling any sections".

Basil said he ground down sets of false teeth in silent anger. Silent because his priority was to keep the peace at the resort. Basil said , "Some committee members were "Johny come lately" type people who were totally ignorant of the work and hardships, heart ache, failures to break this land in. In the main, these types were seeking to inflate their own importance. They may have been on the odd working party but were determined to overstate their input..

Right up until the mid 1970's Basil and the Bodle family were hands on and it was extremely difficult to persuade members to become committee members as they would be put off by the amount of work that was needed.

Even though the Club started in 1960 any problems landed back on Basil's lap, and this included taking part in the planning as well as making themselves available to do the physical work. The amount of work needed in those early days put members off!

This group of woman in the photos below include Phil Bodle and her daughter in law Alison.

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