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The Marketing Advertising which must include atmosphere, Basil recorded these facets were the most important reason for the success of the resort. According to Basil this was poorly understood by some in the past who would mistakenly promote the Golf or Surf Club as being the main success of the resort.

Basil gave an example of this ignorance where some committee members of the Golf Club said to Basil, "If it wasn't for us on the Golf Club you wouldn't be selling any sections." Basil said he nearly ground out a set of false teeth in anger with this sort of ignorance as it was Basil & Gary's businesses that created new members for the clubs. Unfortunately' this ignorance was promoted by one well known individual who by his social position outsiders believed, another example Basil referred to as the, "undermining cloud of jealousy". Basil had the philosophy of turning the other cheek and walking away from such ignorance. He felt it was more important to create a happy place and avoided conflict where he could.

The same aforementioned individual stated around the same time that the Surf Club was the hub of the resort. This was treated as a joke back at that time, taking into consideration that the Surf Club was put into recess for many years as they could not get members to patrol the beach. Basil remarked on tape that this self glorification was trying undermine the main successes of the resort's achievements.

After these undermining comments arose again, Basil thought it important to counter this self promoting. Gary Bodle Real Estate Agency, also known as “The on the spot Real Estate Agent” decided to carry out a questionnaire of the last 20 property purchases at that time. This was carried out on two different occasions with the same results. The buyers were asked on a written questionnaire their reason for purchasing at the resort using five headings and give a percentage for each heading, to total 100%. Golf Club rated only 6 %. Gary added that even though the Golf Club rated low as a reason to purchase at the resort, ( at that time), it only became a very important feature after they purchased and integrated into the beach community. Gary said the same could be said about the Surf Club being a very important integral part of the resort .

At the same time, Gary carried out a analysis of the expenditure on advertising and marketing by Basil’s trust and Gary’s Real Estate Agency which included the store, camping ground, and motel. The figure was at a staggering $3 million on 1987 values, and would exceed $5 million in 2018. A large part of this figure was spent by Gary himself, using his own earnings to promote the resort and his real estate agency, as he did not ask for Vendor's advertising contribution. .

The businesses at the resort, being the Store, Camping ground, Motel, house renting, and Real Estate Agency, were all intertwined and as a whole were a powerful marketing tool. Each of these businesses are on separate pages in this web site.

To develop a settlement from scratch Basil had to provide many facilities such as the store, camp, surf club ,golf club, ratepayers association and church sections.

Basil's figuring below of sections donated was at the value in the Sixties.

Fishing competition.

The photos above and below were in connection with a marketing exercise where Basil offered a section on Pinedale Cres, for the largest snapper caught at Riversdale Beach .

Postcards created for advertisement and promotion of Riversdale Beach

Above a few examples of how Basil organised the marketing of Post cards through the Riversdale Store, this amounted to thousands of dollars tied up in slow moving stock, in addition Gary introduced many tourist items into the shop which included Riversdale Beach T shirts, sun hats, spoons and other souvenir items all with Riversdale Beach Logo.

The Riversdale Beach Logo used on all letter heads & advertisements and real estate signs.

Photo Below: Another example of Basil creating atmosphere which was very popular with children.

Basil's atmosphere with tree lined large nation flags from many countries. Flower beds and brightly coloured tyres a "wow factor" in those days late 1950's

Photo below : was taken in 1954 Basils speed boat called "Miss Vesta " on the lagoon giving rides and testing skills of water skiing.

Early in Riversdale Beaches history much effort was applied to attract day visitors from Wairarapa & Wellington, this was achieved through having carnival days, kids treasure hunts, tractor races, sand castle competitions. Much of the organisation was delegated to Gary who marketed these activities over the radio and newspapers.

Above Basil's first initiative to have Riversdale Beach weather forecast publicised over national radio. This was very successful, either Basil or Gary would telephone the weather & Surf report every morning during the seasonal holidays.

Basil's first Jet Boat travelling down the Whareama River. Great day out, picnic on the bank of the River, water skiing, plenty flounder, cockles and lots of mud. Basil recognized this great facility only 15klms away from the beac.h

Left to right : Pat Patterson, Frank Morilous, Basil Bodle, Behind left to right : Jammie Patterson , Curly Schanweber ,

Chis Hepburn. At the rear left to right unknown , Dick Quinn.

Above : Basil's second jet boat taking the Brian Bidwill and John Maunsell families down the Whareama river

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