Beach houses

Random photos of houses at the beach over the early years, some names of owners are given by Gary for that period.

If you are a previous owner of a Riversdale Beach House during Basil Bodles life please send the photo of your house.

Above :Ted Oldfield later Mrs Speedy

Foreground Charlie and Pat Taylor. Background left Beaumonts right Dave Pringle.

Left David Standford.

The three photos above. A Keith Hay home that Basil placed on one of his sections as a spec. Basil had about six houses built and beautified the same sections with shrubs, flower beds.

Owner Colin Grant

Lilly May and Arthur Mahoney delightful couple standing in front of their house, they were one of the very first couples to retire to the beach from Masterton,

Left house owned by Reading later Mrs Young

Owned by Plumbers Ltd.

Owned by Mrs Etherington, later Swinn

Left owned by John and Di Martin then Trevor Dick

Left : House on the right Dan Lewis

Owned by Evan and Shirley Jaine later Gary Bodle

Owned by Pat Patterson

Owned by Jack and Peg Logan, later Liam and Chrissy Steel

Owned by Malcombe Campbell

Left : Riversdale Beach Motels owned by Gary Bodle

Left: Owned by Gary Bodle

Above : Owned by Cook family

Left : Owned by Briden-Jones

Owned by Willy and Liz Alsleben

Above owned by John and Judy Hudson

Above : Owned by Peter and Gail Wenman

Owned by Guy Giddens then Murray and Nichols then John and Nell McDonald

Owned by Leo Gear

Above : Owned by the Gunion family

Owned by the Betts family then Gazley family

Above : Owned by Max Overdale then Barry Kirkwood then Dr Irwin

Owned by Mike Edwards

Photo above : Owned by Edward Jaques.

Owned by Harley Loader.




Jim Bremner, then MacDoogle


John Martin, then Trevor Dick


Les and Lill Curry

Ted Walker

Peter and Gail Wenman

Hasselman then Compton

Robin Blade, MacDonald

Hutton and Trish Peacock

Peter Bygate

Jerry Lenson

Wairarapa Electric Power Board


Middleditch, Gary Bodle , Pip Hannon

Jane Etherington, Mary Swinn


Jack and Peg Logan, Liam and Chissie Steel

above Alf & Nel Lacey

Two above :Stan & Lorna Conner.

Ted Walker

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