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Photo above: from left to ight, Jack Snowsill, Wayne Snowsill, Bill Snowsill, Mr Bull.

Photo above: John and Githlian Maunsell,  a very good friend of the Bodle Family and great supporter of Riversdale Beach

Photo above; Stan & Lorna Conner one of the first couples to retire at Riversdale Beach.Stan and Lorna Conner, it is believed they were the second couple to retire at Riversdale Beach resort. Stan a contract painter in Masterton, Lorna a school teacher at Landsdown school. Lorna born in the Shetland Islands and a daughter of a lighthouse keeper, hardship living in some of the remotest places. In some places used to row a boat to school. Lorna in her 70’s still diving for paua, kept a marvelous vegetable garden and worked casual at the store. 

Lilly Mae and Arthur Mahoney the first to Retire to Riversdale Beach,also in the photo Michellene Shoemann visitor from Canada. 

Three photos above: From left Alf & Nel Lacey, Alf with grandchildren, Nel .photos supplied by Dale Lacey.

Photo above: In happy times John and Jenny Meredith with Basil & Phil.

Photo above Alex Clark

Wayne Snowsill, one of the original Surf Club members on the left. His younger brother Garry on the right , photo take late 1950's

Above David Stratton and his young son Jamie at Riversdale Beach, successful crayfishing.

photo above Vicky Stratton, Gay Draffin, Sue stratton, Jamie stratton , David stratton at their Riversdale Beach cottage. 

Photo above Hubert Barton and James Stratton (David's father) preparing profiles to build their holiday home at Riversdale Beach 1957

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