"without prejudice"

Atmosphere and marketing the beach go hand in hand. Basil understood, especially with overseas travel, holiday resorts need to express colour with flowers, flags, umbrellas etc. also music and good service.

Basil had Barbara and Gary chip away at the bark of hundreds of pine trees at the entrance and stick little squares of reflective scotch tape all down one side of each pine tree, also scotch tape strips on the hundreds of half buried painted tyres. Besides all the colour in the day time with flags, coloured umbrellas, painted tyres, at night car lights lit up the whole pine plantation with multi colours from reflective scotch tape. A great welcome to those arriving at night for the weekend, children used to refer to it as fairy land.

Photo above: Two of Basil's grandchildren and friend sit on a fiberglass surf ski, one of the first of its kind in New Zealand. Basil used it for fishing, surfing and rescue.

Two photos above of the Whareama River. Basil often took his jet boat there with potential section buyers buyers, great place for water skiing and family picnics.

Four photos above: Gary experimented growing tropical plants throughout the camping ground and this photo shows a banana plant.