Jumbo and sea visitors.

October 1976 a giant sea elephant landed on the beach and made its way up through a front section and rested on Blue Pacific Parade. Traffic could not pass, the local authorities were informed and a representative from Department Of Conservation who considered shooting the sea elephant. Luckily, an onlooker stepped in and stated he had experience with these animals. He demonstrated by confronting the Sea Elephant and making it chase him successfully back down to the beach.

Jumbo found the lagoon and spent many days frolicking swimming up and down the stream.

Once the news media heard about it there was a frenzy of helicopters with film crews, telephone ring off the hook at Basil's house by television stations, radio broadcasters, newspapers from all over the world. Once the phone rang and Gary answered it, it was a Canadian radio station and they asked if the Sea Elephant had been given a name, Gary in a knee jerk reaction answered " Jumbo"Hence its name ,

Above a newspaper cutting from Sydney totally prefabricated "Aussie Bullshit."

Jumbo visited the camping ground lying alongside a caravan flapping its tail up against a caravan door. The owner was awestruck that this celebrity picked his caravan but was relieved when Jumbo was teased away.

One stormy night Basil & Phil heard crying outside their house, they thought it was a child, it got closer and closer so they both went out to look and found a king penguin walking up the road beside their house. It was very friendly even able to stroke its head, it followed them back to the house. It followed Basil into the basement where there was a chub shower and seemed happy to be there for the night. The next day it came out and followed people around especially after it got fed live herrings from the lagoon. It stood outside the shop for a few days again allowing people to stoke it.

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Photo above: crowd watching and feeding the King Penquin.

Photo above the king penquin can just be seen standing beside the building by the S in supplied.