Real Estate

"without prejudice"

This first page contains the Bodle manopoly with real estate sales with Dave Pringle the first Real Estate Agency to operate at the resort.

Note the real estate is split up into 4 sub pages :

It seems the Bodle's had Riversdale  Beach real estate sales sown up to the point where opposition real estate companies from Masterton 54 klm away found it nearly impossible to compete. Even with some locals (the dark cloud of jealousy) trying to assist an opposing real estate company to challenge Gary's agency, they usually fell flat on their face in failure, Gary said. See more sub page Gary Bodle Real Estate Agency

Photo below:

Basil's best friend Dave Pringle, qualified Real Estate Agent helped Basil with the sale of the first sections at the resort up until 1970. 

Photo above Dave's wife Beatrice (Bea),  who was suffering from brain cancer and died not long after these photos where taken.

Photo above, this pop up caravan was Dave's first real estate office at the resort. 

Photo above right was a more permanent real estate office  with an excellent window display of house/sections for sale. Gary Bodle became a Real Estate salesperson under Dave's licence whilst Gary studied for his Real Estate agents licence which he obtained in 1973.