Basil had to prove the sceptics wrong that you couldn't catch fish at Riversdale Beach.

In this effort he purchased a jet boat which according to the manufacturers in Christchurch was the first jet boat operated off a beach in New Zealand in approximately 1959.  Note this jet boat had a very unusual trailer, it was a cradle trailer which Basil would drive  over the boat then winch it straight up off the sand.   

Photo above: Basil Bodle. 

Photo above, Eric Warnock winner of the Biggest Snapper competition: first prize was a section on Pinedale Cres. Hundreds of fish were caught this day.

Photo above: from left to right, Jack Snowsill, Wayne Snowsill, Bill Snowsill, Norm Bull.

Photo above David Stratton with his son Jamie, very successful crayfishing , 

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